Marc Jones Drums

January 24, 2014

We have the pleasure of regularly working with some incredible musicians here in the studio, from the greatest orchestral players in the world to the finest kazoo connoisseurs. Outstanding drummer and good friend Marc Jones is no exception. So when he popped in for a recording session recently we thought it best to team up with our cardinal camera comrade Tom Barnes to bring you this short biopic.

Marc has toured the world and recorded in some of the most famous studios on earth with his band Kill it Kid (Warner Music) who are, in my opinion, the best blues rock act the UK currently has to offer. He has an inspiring passion to share his skills whether it’s through playing on other peoples projects as a session musician or teaching others and helping develop new talent. Marc’s been a long time advocate of the custom drums company Risen Drums based in Minneapolis USA. Recording his kit was a real pleasure, big beefy sounds with warmth and depth married with fantastic constancy that is all important in the studio. Not to mention styling that leaves the competition crying in the corner!