Music Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Our outstanding facilities, experienced engineers and world class equipment offer the perfect setting for every step of your project. From pre production, recording and editing through to mixing and final mastering we can deliver exceptional results.

Pre Production

This can be a vital stage at beginning of the recording process, we can help you establish that your project is headed in the direction you intended, talk you through appropriate production techniques whist also advising on song arrangement. Often resulting in a more focused, considered final product and ensuring you get the most out of your experience at Empire.


With some of the most coveted, vintage analogue and state-of-the-art digital equipment at our fingertips we can deliver exceptional recorded audio as well as offering cutting edge sequenced computer programing for any electronic elements in your project. The studio provides a relaxed, creative atmosphere to help you achieve the best from your performances and ensure you are uninhibited in creating your next masterpiece.


Pro Tools HD is the industry wide leading editing platform and our engineers are capable of radically improving your recordings using professional techniques. Whether you require polished pop productions or raw rock recordings, editing can play a big part in crafting your final result. We ensure the application of
appropriate editing methods to achieve the results you require.


The mixing stage involves combining and balancing your multitrack recordings in to a final stereo mixdown.

Adjusting the level, frequency, dynamics and stereo placement of your material whilst also using a diverse array of equipment and creative methods to enrich and embellish your recordings. Mixing is an amalgamation of art and science and while there aren’t any rules, there are guidelines for creating sounds that suit your purpose. Our strong understanding of the science supports creative artistic decisions to suitably develop your sound.


The final process before your music is sent off for duplication or online distribution, a good master ensures maximum volume whilst retaining dynamics and depth in your music. It is also important in ensuring continuity throughout your final material.

We have the experience and technology to ensure your final mix translates well and is presented at its best as a streamlined final product.


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